My first organized run (and a few personal bests)

I ran in my first organized run on April 1 in Miami.

It was a fundraiser 5K run for the local school district so there were a lot of walkers participating for fun, but there were some serious runners in the race as well. We wore bibs that measured our race time, and our performance was ranked by age group then posted online after the race. I placed 6 out of 24 in my age group.

I also ran my fastest 5K after a month and a half of not beating my previous record. Then a few days later I beat it again by two seconds. Then the next day by even more.

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Visualizing weight loss

This past week I hit my weight goal of reaching 150 pounds after starting at 211 pounds on April 1, 2016. For the next part of my journey I want to focus not on losing weight but instead on building muscle.

Even after losing over 60 pounds, I’m not totally happy with my overall build so I think strength training is the next step. Strength training is as foreign to me now as dieting and exercise was 10 months ago so it’s almost like starting over nearly one year later.

Still, I do want to mark this milestone with a visualization of just how dramatic my progress has been this past year. Looking back at old photos of myself, it’s hard to remember looking that way then. Really.

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