First Half Marathon — December 10, 2017

From 9to5Mac:

On Sunday I ran my very first half marathon race equipped with just my Apple Watch and AirPods. Apple Watch Series 3 includes a built-in GPS and optional cellular so you can map your run and wirelessly stream music without strapping an iPhone to your arm. And AirPods, which can play music from the watch, are totally wireless so there’s no cable to manage during the race. Here’s how my experience went:

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Drone Footage 001

I’ve been flying my DJI Phantom 4 drone almost every day since I bought it at the end of December. I love the bird’s eye view and being able to see my surroundings from a totally different perspective. I’ve flown 900 meters away and 400 meters up so far.

The drone’s camera captures 4K video locally and broadcasts back a live view during flight. One battery lasts up to 28 minutes so flights are like short escapes that can’t last too long.

I usually record each flight then watch later. The recorded video is sharper than the live video. Audio isn’t recorded since the quadcopter sounds like a swarm of bees so watching the video afterwards is similar to what I imagine being in space is like.

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New 5K record and cycling for the view

Two things. I ran my fastest 5K and biked 10 miles in a new location on Monday.

I run a 5K every Sunday (11 in a row and counting), and lately I’ve been beating my previous time week after week. I didn’t beat myself this week, but it was my second best pace. Now it’s my third best after I beat my all-time best on Monday.

This is super encouraging, but I’m not sure I’ll beat it anytime soon.

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On “Apple Watch, New Year’s resolutions, and losing 50 pounds”

I published a 9to5Mac piece on New Year’s Day where I explained how Apple Watch pushed me to discover fitness and lose a lot of weight:

Last New Year’s Day I decided to start eating healthy, exercising daily, and filling the Activity Rings on my Apple Watch as a way to get in shape. I broke my New Year’s resolution by January 4, but I started again on April 1 and ultimately lost over 50 pounds in 2016.

Apple Watch didn’t lose the weight for me — it took a lot of dedication and really changing my lifestyle — but the fitness tracking features and Apple’s Activity app helped quantify my effort without me doing too little or going overboard.

Apple Watch has absolutely been an effective motivational coach that has pushed me toward my goal of being more active.

I felt nervous about publishing the article for a couple of reasons.

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