Angels & Airwaves at House of Blues Dallas — September 7, 2019

I went to the Angles & Airwaves show in Dallas on Saturday, September 7. I’ve been dreaming about this night for years without knowing if it would ever happen (again).

I absolutely love live music and concerts, but I usually feel alone in the crowd at concerts despite knowing everyone present shares an interest with me. Social anxiety has no logic.

That was different this time. AVA fans are passionate about the music. There’s even a Facebook group for the AVA Movement with over 15,000 fans.

I followed AVA Movement when I was a teenager and it was an online forum, but it didn’t feel as personal then. The effort recently regrouped for modern social media, and the new version of AVA Movement is fantastic.

I shared plans to attend the concert in Dallas on the group a week before the show, even inviting anyone attending to meet up before the show. Within 24 hours, a dozen responses helped create a personal connection with other fans planning to attend.

A mom traveling with her son. A family bringing their 7 year old who grew up listening to AVA for bedtime music. And a couple traveling to Peru to see Tom DeLonge perform for the first time since being a fan in 1995!

Crowd-induced anxiety replaced with an urge to actually run into these people at the show! I love this feeling of connection, and it totally feels the theme of the band.

I first saw Angels & Airwaves when I was just 15 in Pompano Beach, FL, on July 12, 2006 — 50 days after We Don’t Need to Whisper was released — and Matt Rubano was still playing bass with Taking Back Sunday.

My step grandpa braved the crowd of young people and took me to the show on what for him as a summer college instructor was a school night! He raised me on 70s rock and brought me to plenty of Peter Frampton concerts, so it was only right that we attended this show together — and what a treat!


Then exactly two years later at Warped Tour in Miami when I was 17. This incredibly hot experience included an iPod autographed by Tom. My aunt and uncle, high school girlfriend, and younger brother endured the South Florida heat with me. I’m still grateful to this day.


Jump to Atlanta on May 16, 2010 and I completed my three show run of seeing the band play every two years. I was 19 years old and just finished my first year in college. My college girlfriend and I made a start-of-summer drive to Atlanta for the concert. The Tabernacle show even included attending the sound check before the show thanks to the awesome Modlife perks, and my younger sister and cousin were in town for the show too!


13 years since my first show and nine years since my last show. I’m so incredibly happy about this new era of the band. From 15 to 28, I’ve grown up with Angels & Airwaves and can’t wait to see them perform.

I still remember reading online articles and scans of magazine interviews with Tom DeLonge hyping the project before the first album debuted. There were short films and video teasers along the way, and I was hooked before “The Adventure” leaked as the first single.

I did miss out on VIP tickets for this show due to the geo restrictions when tickets first went on sale, but just seeing Angels play at least one more time was a dream.

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