Run for Mental Health 5K — May 7, 2019

Race: Run for Mental Health 5K

Goal: 28:30

Finish: 30:10

Small group of people for this Tuesday evening non-competitive event — mostly a 5K walk fundraiser — but there were three or four runners among the walkers.

I mainly wanted an excuse to run with Beats Powerbeats Pro earphones before my 9to5Mac review. I also connected with the mental health message behind the event. I hope there’s a larger turnout next year for that reason. I’ll have to bring a friend or two.

The run was also a chance to try out a different shoe for me since it was a lower pressure event: Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo. No go! I like the launch incline boost but my foot is too narrow to feel controlled. Nike Epic React is my go-to now (the originals, the sequel, and I have a custom-designed version of the laceless Phantom version coming in a few weeks).

As for missing my goal, I blame shoe training and familiarity less this week. I was motivated and felt competitive during the first mile (8:41) with one person much faster and one person not far behind me. I was passed around the second mile (9:54) and mostly recall running alone so it felt like a routine exercise. The third mile (10:44) felt like it kept extending until I increased the pace at the final stretch (8:08).

Running mostly alone just didn’t feel like racing. This made me realize how much I actually enjoy the normal race days with lots of people to anchor or pass. After the two other people were long gone and the fourth runner was nowhere near behind me, I caught sight of a pedestrian jogging and walking and loosely used him as a target to catch up to but felt that his walking was faster than my running at times.

In my head, I recall thinking more about the last mile needing to end more than about checking my time and considering the status of my goal. In the future, I want to think about how I’m in control of making the mile end sooner — it will literally take less time if I speed up — and take a shot at channeling race day energy even if there aren’t other nearby runners.

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