My first organized run (and a few personal bests)

I ran in my first organized run on April 1 in Miami.

It was a fundraiser 5K run for the local school district so there were a lot of walkers participating for fun, but there were some serious runners in the race as well. We wore bibs that measured our race time, and our performance was ranked by age group then posted online after the race. I placed 6 out of 24 in my age group.

I also ran my fastest 5K after a month and a half of not beating my previous record. Then a few days later I beat it again by two seconds. Then the next day by even more.

  • April 1 — 26:15
  • April 6 — 26:13
  • April 7 — 25:43

I was pleased with my age ranking in the 5K race (although the pool of people was relatively small) but my real goal was just beating myself. My personal record before was ran on a flat surface under cooler temperatures. The race in Miami had a few challenges that made me lower my expectations at the start: it was a bit warmer and much brighter, there were walkers to navigate around before I could really start running, and the bridge along the route was more challenging than the flat course from my previous record run.

The slower start probably helped pace me, however, and passing other people (and occasionally being passed) helped kick up my competitive nature. I credit the next two personal records to being back in the competitive spirit after a month of running daily for practice and a new pair of running shoes.

So what’s the next challenge? Continuing to run throughout the week, a 10K race next month, and a half marathon race in December.

April 1 also marked the one year anniversary of me exercising daily for the first time in my life (and ultimately losing over 50 pounds in the process and changing my lifestyle). My goal at the start of this year was to focus on strength building through weight lifting, but instead my effort has been focused on replacing the elliptical with running.

I’ve logged over 200 miles so far with 80 miles recorded in March (up from 21 in February). For perspective, I had to stop and walk after a quarter-mile back in September. I’m enjoying this new journey.

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