Rory Carter Hall: Coming September

It’s supposed to be safe to announce at this point so we have. Rory Carter Hall, coming this September.

I’m nervous because we have been pregnant before a few times but haven’t gotten this far. That’s the first reason to be cautious. The second is a consistently high heart rate. The doctor hasn’t said it’s something to worry about, but the concern is there.

But this is the furthest along we’ve been, and this experience is a major part of our life.

I’m not nervous about being a dad one bit. I’ve been Emily’s dad full-time since she was less than a year old. She just turned four.

But Rory Carter Hall is a boy. That’s new.

I didn’t have a preference before the ultrasound. What’s the point? You can’t pick the gender and there are no wrong answers. But I know my face glowed when I found out.

I’m sure my reaction would be the same either way.

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