Visualizing weight loss

This past week I hit my weight goal of reaching 150 pounds after starting at 211 pounds on April 1, 2016. For the next part of my journey I want to focus not on losing weight but instead on building muscle.

Even after losing over 60 pounds, I’m not totally happy with my overall build so I think strength training is the next step. Strength training is as foreign to me now as dieting and exercise was 10 months ago so it’s almost like starting over nearly one year later.

Still, I do want to mark this milestone with a visualization of just how dramatic my progress has been this past year. Looking back at old photos of myself, it’s hard to remember looking that way then. Really.

Starting with a photo of me and my family in March 2014:


Before that, there were a couple of photos of me and my brother from December 2013 that I was totally surprised even at the time at how I looked. I’m not sure how much I weighed at the time, but it was probably around 220 or 230.

Here’s a family photo from April 2015:


A couple in New Orleans from October 2015 that I liked anyway but still reminded me I should be in better shape:

This shot with my grandma is one of my favorites, but I barely recognized myself when I looked back at it recently:


And this candid shot from December 2015 is a great example of the kind of memories I wouldn’t share online because of how surprised I was at my appearance:


Valentine’s Day, February 2016:


April 2016, nine days into my new exercise routine with Apple Watch:

May 2016, about 6 weeks in (I remember ordering a peppermint mocha latte with skim milk and no whip for the first time):


June 2016:


July 2016:


August 2016, I recall this is when I was finally starting to be happier with my appearance:


September 2016:


October 2016:


November 2016:


December 2016, I was really happy with Christmas photos compared to one year ago:

January 2017, here’s a photo of my former colleague Dan and the first time we met in person in August 2014:

And now, February 2017:

February 2017

I’m totally happy with my progress and comfortable with my current weight around 150 pounds. I do want to go to the next level and build muscle and tone, however, and February seems like an opportune month if I want to see results in time for warmer weather.


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