30 mile outdoor cycle and new 5K record

New outdoor cycling record. Thirty miles is my longest ride. This was definitely not the most efficient way for me to burn calories and I don’t plan on repeating it again soon, but setting a goal and achieving it was a positive experience.


I guess I didn’t realize during the first half of the ride that the wind was at my back. It was totally clear on the way back when I was riding into the wind (way slower), but the fastest way to finish was just to keep on cycling.


I ran my Sunday 5K for distance, not duration. I was still feeling the ride from Saturday in my legs. After the voiceover gave me my pace for the first mile, though, I noticed I was well below nine minutes and decided to try to keep up the pace. 8’51” compared to 8’59” on Monday.

Next goal: just keep the Sunday 5K streak up.

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