New 5K record and cycling for the view

Two things. I ran my fastest 5K and biked 10 miles in a new location on Monday.

I run a 5K every Sunday (11 in a row and counting), and lately I’ve been beating my previous time week after week. I didn’t beat myself this week, but it was my second best pace. Now it’s my third best after I beat my all-time best on Monday.

This is super encouraging, but I’m not sure I’ll beat it anytime soon.

There were a lot of variables. Later in the day than usual (afternoon instead of morning), a little warmer than usual (75º instead of 25º or 65º), and in a different location (my neighborhood instead of the bridge or beach).


8’59″/mile Monday versus 9’14″/mile eight days before. Sunday was 9’26″/mile and early November was 13’26″/mile.

I love quantifying each mile, my average pace, and how long it takes me to complete a 5K. I’ll stick to cycling and the elliptical for the rest of the week, but I can’t wait to see what I can do next Sunday.


The cycling exercise wasn’t planned. I ran earlier in the day and my Move and Exercise goals were complete. I use Activity Sharing from Apple Watch with a handful of people for fun, though, and on Monday the alert for Kyle completing a 30 mile outdoor cycle motivated me to do a long ride of my own.

My longest ride so far has been 20 miles over 2 hours 44 minutes so I haven’t cycled as far as Kyle yet, but I’m planning another long ride as soon as Saturday. On Monday I did find time for a 10 mile ride from the beach in Ocean Springs to the light house in Biloxi and back.


I compete with myself when running, but cycling is a leisure exercise for now. Finding new locations to bike and seeing something I’ve never seen before is the best. I can travel further much faster cycling than running, but the speed is slow enough that you notice things you don’t normally see. Cycling also has a different vantage point than driving usually.


This wasn’t my best ride in terms of speed and duration. The traffic lights around the casinos were annoying, the wind speed on the way back was challenging, and navigating around people walking and running in the evening slowed me down, but the view was definitely worth it.

My starting point just before 5 p.m.


The light house, my halfway point:


And the beach view before turning around:


I’m planning a similar ride on Saturday morning. Maybe 25 miles? A new cycling distance record on Saturday and the usual 5K on Sunday is worthy of brunch, I’d say.

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